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About Acrylic:

About Acrylic

The advantages of using acrylic over glass includes: high impact resistance, UV resistant for long term exposure, surface scratches can be polished out, can be shaped, moulded and cut after casting.

Acrylic Care & Clear & Maintenance
1. Contact with glass cleaners and other chemicals is strictly prohibited.
2. Do not remove the surface protective layer or protective film before water injection.
3. Fireworks are strictly prohibited.
4. Do not paste adhesive sticker, scotch tape, or poster paper on the surface of acrylic sheet.
5. Acrylic panel which used in pool, aquariums in water are best condition. The lack of water is less than 4 days.
6. Acrylic panel is far from sharp items, such as sharp knife, keys. Using polishing is to remove the scratches.


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